Some Jargon for you….

Just thought that for a regular viewer who somehow manages to stumble across this blog they may not understand some of the stupid terms I use or incorrectly use and want to check what I mean by it. Here is a little list of what I mean when I say words:


  • Battle-Royale – Genre of game which players fight each other until there is one left
  • DLC – Downloadable Content, a typically paid digital expansion to a base game
  • Early Access – a version of the game which is not finished but can still be played
  • FPS – First Person Shooter
  • Framerate / Frames Per Second (FPS) – The speed the game runs, typically 30 / 60
  • Humble Bundle – a website in which you can purchase multiple games for one price
  • Indie game – made by a small team that has no publisher and normally low budget
  • Isometric – Type of graphical choice in which the game is seen from an angle
  • Lag – where the games playablity gets affected by the game or internet latency
  • LANs –  When I use this I refer to an event people bring PCs to link up and play gam
  • Microtransactions – When features in the game can be bought with real money
  • PVE – Player vs Environment, meaning users fight computer controlled enemies
  • PVP – Player vs Player, meaning that users fight each other basing the game on skill.
  • Spawn – When the player is entered into the game
Some Jargon for you….

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