Battlefield, Published by a Bad Company

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January is the point in all media where things start to drag. Spoof horror movies, news reports on the same topics, but in the gaming industry its sort of a drought from the big Christmas rush for triple A companies and more of a dribble of indie games. So in this break I am going to discuss something that I have gone back to recently and found a new love for.

Battlefield has always thrived being an immersive FPS and impressive graphics, Its key point was always the destruction. This record can be tracked back all the way to Battlefield 2 and 1942 with its easy to use, hard to master style of play (expect for Air vehicles, they are and always will be made for Pros). Yet, this style of play let players experience a more realistic side of this genre compared to its counter part, Call of Duty.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was made back in 2010 by the Swedish company DICE but published by the notorious Electronic Arts. This game received great reviews on its release because of its destruction and impressive graphics that still hold up to this day. The variety in weapons and playstyles kept it refreshing for people who had put hundreds of hours in the game and the map sizes gave the player a great satisfaction if they ever managed to capture every point. Skip forward to 2016, here I am looking for a game to play when my friend asks to download it. Now I had experience with B: BC2 before but never with a clear insight of its mechanics. So I jumped in and was immediately back in the swing of things.

As I played, I noticed that I didn’t really get bored with the game itself like I had with the more recent ones. Sure, you got the common problem of max levels flying around in jets destroying every living creature or a sniper that manages to land on top of an aerial and get a clear vantage on your spawn but something made me want to keep playing, then I figured it out.

This Happens a lot….


One answer could be that there isn’t any newish players on the game anymore because of its age or another could be because of nostalgia but I just think it’s because of the company to put it out there, EA. In Battlefield 4 right now, we are seeing microtranscations available to fill in the skill gap of most players. We also saw a buggy release when it dropped with the servers because EA just went with the old “shove it out there and pray” tactic that these big publishers like to do. There’s also a giant amount of DLC available which really splits the community from being to access those other maps. Whilst in B:BC2 its forgotten about, so if you do find a weapon OP or your pistol is shooting peas at the them then you can’t do anything, you just stiffen your upper lip and keep playing and that’s refreshing. I see B:BC2 as Battlefield’s peak. The gameplay is solid and not filled with game breaking bugs, the maps offers vastly different experiences and environments and even the accessibility of the game, just being on steam, helps it out for players to just simply load it up besides opening their web browser or Origin.

Now not every reason is EA’s fault, that’s just like blaming your homework on your dog eating it. The community as stated before aren’t as welcoming as B:BC2 because it’s still the most current game filled with a wide range of players and different personalities. There is also some blame on DICE for not sorting the hundreds of bugs the game had on its release not to mention the balancing of guns. However, is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts and so its decisions are probably made by EA themselves. I can tell you for a fact that it was EA’s decision for the battlepacks that give you ‘unique’ skins and dog tags for your killed victim to view.

I guess what I am trying to say is B:BC2 is good because it’s the newer battlefields without all the gimmicky crap that makes it up now. We probably will never see Battlefield reach its peak again and that’s sad but it doesn’t mean we can enjoy this game, well, at least until EA decides for some more cuts and switches off the servers.

But the one thing that is consistent is the campaigns.They will forever be forgotten in every Battlefield game.

We are losing, Fight Harder,

–  Sam Burdis

Battlefield, Published by a Bad Company

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