Hearthstone and You: How to please the RNGods

I been playing Hearthstone ever since I saw the release of its open beta, from that day I fell in love it with. The core game mechanics are amazingly simple yet effective using 1 mana per turn and cards cost mana makes it so the game can be fair and simple through out. It’s cool and all when you’re starting out to be playing simple cards you get given but later on when your online enemies get harder and harder you start to rely more and more on the great powers above that are RNGods.

Now what are these great powers ? they are also known as random number generators and lots of cards rely on them. Take Imp-losion for example, 4 mana meaning it ideally can’t be played till 3-4 and deals 2-4 damage, this is what we call RNG-reliant cards. It comes down to luck, there’s nothing (besides spell damage) that actually affects the amount of damage you do or what it picks, now 2-4 damage doesn’t seem that much of a damage difference but that three might be the final vital blow to kill off a big threat on the board.

As time has gone on, a lot more RNG-reliant cards have been released making the game more and more based on luck  the amount of sacrifices you have made to your RNGod today, and I don’t think I like this element have given enough praise to RNGesus today.

Ok real talk, I honestly am getting more and more annoyed the amount of times I have lost out to these cards, it’s not even one mistake equals one loss which would be better off, it’s just making the game harder and harder to win similar to torture. Sometimes it takes just one card to not go your way than bam you have lost all your minions and he has a massive creature on the board. Although, it makes for a good watch when it comes to twitch streaming, there’s nothing more satisfying as watching a chat when the streamer loses out to this mechanic, its like knowing your not alone in this world.

On the other hand, I could just be whining, maybe this was the plan for the game from the start? I mean to be fair, it means new players have a chance against bigshots they come across as they climb the ranking ladder but then it gives the effect of it being unfair for them. These people who spend hours, days even, trying to get better at the game, learning combos, when to play a certain card but when they get beaten by one silly RNG-reliant card it makes them just not want to play anymore, I know because I felt it too. Surely its enough RNG when you’re having to draw cards as well?

Hearthstone isn’t the only card game that suffers from this though. MTG does have its RNG elements but there is a lot more cards in that game a whole deck could be made to have life preservers if they win the battle, but in Hearthstone, due to its limited card pool, the effects are much more drastic with cards like Healing wave which can just drastically change the whole game plan.

But that’s not what your here to see, we want to discuss how to please the RNGods right? since they are here to stay might as well give them what they want. I normally do a quick pray as I play one of these cards but it doesn’t hurt to sacrifice a lamb or two in your spare time to really get the hopes high. I like to think sometimes their blessing moves into real life so if you ever get something lucky in real life it’s always good to drop everything and load up Hearthstone. (please don’t sacrifice lambs)

Thank you for reading and I hope the RNGods look fortunately upon you.

– Sam Burdis

Hearthstone and You: How to please the RNGods

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