SUPER HOT, SUPER HOT, SUP- My First Impression of Super Hot Beta


I have been pretty hyped about Superhot since the release of its prototype just because it was a unique, simple idea that no one had really done yet. You move, time moves. You stop, time slows to a near stop. Whether you are frantically spraying at a red crystal being or trying to navigate slowly through a maze of flying bullets it still keeps to your pace. So when I heard the news that twenty two new levels were ready to play I just had to drop whatever I was doing and give it a go.

Going into this beta build I had low expectations about amount of content I would get but I was just happy to get a reason to play Superhot again. I was pleasantly surprised at the beginning of the game with the theme of an old computer UI which added to the surreal feeling of this whole game and the funny interaction of typing by spamming the keyboard kept me entertained through the dialogue scenes (Why can’t cutscenes do this? On wait quicktime events….). I was also happy to find it had controller support which later would make movement and shots much more precise.

Jumping in, the story sets itself up that the player’s friend had hacked into a server and had come across this game called ‘superhot.exe’ and that’s when we were dropped into the blank, crystal enemy filled world.


The mechanics this game offers are still the centre or the experience. Common questions with these one-trick-pony games are normally “Does it get repetitive?” Short Answer, No, Superhot makes sure there are constant changes of environment and scenarios to keep it fresh. Long Answer, Sort of. Even though you do get introduced to new mechanics and new weapons every other level, it still got a bit repetitive when you had been on a level for twenty minutes. I feel the problem was my style of play but I will get into that later.

There was a nice little feature though, if the player was stuck on a level for too long it gave you the option to activate god mode which was pretty fun running around with bullets flying past you and I think is a better option that just a simple skip button like seen in GTA V. However, when the ability was first presented to us we didn’t realise it was a ‘You suck, take this to help’ but more of a power-up we had somehow unlocked so when we realised, it sort of put a downer on the whole experience. I didn’t see any punishment from using god mode but I feel if this ever becomes a timed score-based game then there might be consequences.

The story was interesting though, even with the little I saw I still enjoyed the pacing of the protagonist slowly (but surely) turning insane  and what changes that brings to the game but I think it’s definitely is going to have a deeper meaning when the game is complete and some fourth wall-breaking seems to be on the plate.

Luckily when I played this game I had LauraKBuzz by my side (UK Editor for Destructoid, Journalist) to observe both ways this game might be played. I played it as a more FPS style of game but still sticking to the slow moving mechanic whilst Laura went with a more Turn-based style where she tried to predict each movement and bullet paths before shooting the gun she had herself. My method wasn’t the successful one in the end and Laura managed to complete more levels than me. With Superhot being slow and tactical it’s not that well matched with fast-paced games like COD or Battlefield but still speedier than XCOM or Civilization It really does make a unique footing in genres.


-Sam Burdis

SUPER HOT, SUPER HOT, SUP- My First Impression of Super Hot Beta

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