Her Story Review – Take a Notepad!


Her Story is well, you can’t really give a definitive genre, it is a watchy-detective-simulator-thingy which leaves the player a file full of video clips that consists of snippets of interviews of a woman taken over several days.

Now going into Her Story I knew nothing about it except I should bring a notepad with me, and for the love of your hair not being ripped out, bring one with you. Her Story left me with 3 pages full of notes and a whole bunch of emotions bundled up in my head.

Let’s start with the gameplay side of things, there is minimal. You search into a search bar certain words or quotes and either a video will come up or it doesn’t, it’s really that straight forward. But don’t let that bum you out, Her story makes up for this in the unique journey you will go through.


Her Story allows you to create your own path in the game without even knowing it, you’ll get ideas in your head about the story and it’ll completely change just after 2 minutes of footage. There have been plenty of times where I was confident on an idea then to discover a massive pothole-of-a-twist in a clip.

Now the narrative when put in order is a quite a dark tale. Yet when it is played in the random order you make it is intriguing and jam-packed full of twists and turns making you crave the end of it and so you can see how it all plays out and what has happened to this woman and without going into spoiler territory, it definitely will leave you in a state of disbelief and shock. Not to mention the final twist that you’ll see when you’re finished with the game.

The aesthetics of the game is different as well, giving a nostalgia feel to an old computer complimented with every now and again flicker on the screen making you see a reflection of your character which really added to the dark underlining of this game, Even if it did make my heart jump out of my chest every time it happened.


A problem I had with the game though was the lack of clues it brought. I got to a point in the game where I would run out of two words to use then go back through the clips trying to find a word to search that isn’t “a” or “boobs” (Trust me, you will get desperate). It isn’t a really huge issue its just really annoying when you are (or you think you are) so close to the end and you have to go back through several clips just to try and find a quote that might not even work.

But that might not be a problem for everyone and is definitely part of the never-ending puzzle so don’t let that spoil your hunger to play this game. What I would say though even if you remotely like a puzzling style or gameplay you crave something unique then this game is at least worth a try, and definitely is worth picking up on a sale.
I genuinely had a good time with Her Story it was a pleasant treat among the asset flippers and the DayZ-Clones that flood the steam store at the moment.

-Sam Burdis

Her Story Review – Take a Notepad!

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